Vinyl Flooring Lakewood WA

Have you thought about using Vinyl flooring in Lakewood?

Vinyl Flooring in Lakewood WA

A home that has wood or tile flooring is a home that gives off an air of quality. These homes consistently sell for a higher price than comparable homes that opt for carpet instead, showing that many people prefer these floor types. One of the main reasons that people pick these options is appearance. Remodelers have noticed that many homes are moving towards a harder flooring surface and all of the options that come with them. But if the appearance is one of your primary reasons to change your flooring, consider using vinyl for your home in Lakewood. Advances in flooring technology have made vinyl a much more attractive option in recent years, and it can mimic the look of other floor types at a fraction of the cost!

What is vinyl? Hardwood is obviously made of wood, and carpet is made from woven fabric. But what about vinyl? Vinyl flooring is an artificial material composed of a base of PVC vinyl, pigments, and a backing. It typically comes in sheets that can be cut to specific sizes, or tiles, such as in LVT. As a man-made compound, vinyl can be structured to fit your precise needs, whatever they may be.

What are some advantages of vinyl?

Vinyl Flooring Lakewood WAWith hardwood and tile gaining popularity, as well as the ever-stable carpet, what advantages does vinyl have and why should you consider it?
  • Vinyl flooring can work in practically any type of common or specialty room you can think of. With a soft feel and high resistance to water, it works well in kitchens, bathrooms, and anywhere else in a house.
  • It's low maintenance. Want the look of natural stone without all the maintenance? Then vinyl might be a good choice for you. Most cleaners are safe to use, and individual LVT tiles can be replaced with ease if needed.
  • If your current flooring is unusable, low-end vinyl can work as a low-cost replacement. But even high-end LVT is often cheaper and easier to install than many types of hardwood. It is durable while providing a similar appearance.

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