Lets Talk Material boards!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Material boards are a great way to explore your design preference and project goals! They provide a physical visual with a variety of textures to help you bring your design to life! When creating a material board, you are actively engaging yourself to be creative and asking the question of "what do I like and why?". Thus, facilitating a decision and progression of your project design. That way you can be sure you will absolutely love your results.

This also comes in handy when you and a partner have differing design ideas. Creating multiple boards, you both can get an idea of each other’s taste and find a way to combine them to make a cohesive design that is both of you. By layering and pairing materials together you can get a sense of what you would truly like for your space.

Sleek monochrome Material board

When creating material and mood boards, have fun with colors and textures, experiment! It will get the creative juices flowing so your project will be everything you want it to be as well as if you are working with a designer, it will help communicate to them where you want to go.

In our showroom, you can feel free to combine any materials that tickle your fancy! whether it takes you 30minutes or 3 hours, our space is a design center, so feel free!


Material Boards


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