4 Ways to Update the Look of Your Kitchen

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

It’s 2021, really anything goes. But if your concern is keeping up with the modern style and resale value, you might want to stay a little more mainstream. Some easy changes you can make to your kitchen that make an impact are painting your cabinets changing your light fixtures, replacing old laminate countertops and adding a backsplashes.

Update Your Surfaces


Countertops are one of the first things people see when stepping into your kitchen. They are the focal point that can make the space look fresher, cleaner, and more luxurious. So, switch up your old-fashioned dingy laminate countertops from the 90’s and go for heat, stain and scratch resistant natural stone! Natural stone for countertops are a kitchen's best friend here. Not only do they look stunning with their natural visual textures and colors, but they’ll also take just about anything you can throw at them. Cutting board in the dishwasher? No worries you can cut right on the counter and won’t leave a mark.

Countertops can be made from several different kinds of stone: Granite, Soapstone, Marble, and Quartz (natural and engineered). Opt for other natural materials that bring specific look like butcher blocks and stainless steel. Or maybe you want to create a unique/customizable space with Tile counter tops or concrete.



Practical and beautiful, backsplashes serve as a protectant against wild cupcake decorating fallout and hand mixer mishaps. They are usually very easy to clean and can take your look from drab and boring to expensive and unique. Use back splashes to accent or frame areas above the sink or stove for a unique design. Mix and match your tiles with accent/bold and simple tiles to enhance the space without overdoing it. Or hey, over do it. It’s yours!

Paint the Cabinets & Add Some Handles


A little paint goes a long way! So, break out the paint rollers and drop sheets. One of the most simple and cheapest ways you can update cabinets is just to paint them! It’s not so much the details and the styles of the cabinets, it’s the color and hardware. Try out a bold color or maybe keep it clean and fresh with a simple white.

While there are beautiful designs with rustic cabinets, most modern kitchens don’t have the “natural” wood finished cabinet look anymore or handles to open. I guess we all just had to paw at the cabinets repeatedly and chip nails till we got a good grip. Whose great idea was it to get rid of handles anyway? Absolute maniacs. Anyways, cabinet handles are back in and are another simple way to give your kitchen a modern revamp!



Another way you can refresh your space is to change out those obnoxious fluorescent lighting fixtures (created by the same maniac that took away our cabinet handles I bet) and install a couple statement lights. They will be less overbearing and emphasize areas that are used most. Like the island or bar areas. Pendant light fixtures made from metals like brass or steel are popular in establishing and finishing off the look of your kitchen.

Match your lighting fixtures to your appliances! Brushed metals are also a great timeless look for appliances, they’re sleek and easy to clean. They don’t stain or crack so you can feel good about them lasting throughout design evolutions in the future.


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