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Laminate Flooring in Lakewood WA

Once thought to be at the low end of materials for flooring and countertops, laminate flooring has gotten a bad rap that isn’t necessarily true anymore. Now a strong contender, laminate is a great inexpensive alternative to many countertop and flooring materials while being only a fraction of the price. If you think laminate might be right for your Lakewood WA property, make sure to stop by NW Design Center to see how our remodelers can help. Whether you’re still in the concept phase or are actively working on a project right now, our knowledgeable crew can help answer your questions at any stage or provide you with quality laminate that will be ideal for your job.

Wait, laminate is good now? While poor quality laminate is still available, a higher-end, quality type of laminate provides many advantages. Seamless laminate, for example, can give you a low-cost, low-maintenance countertop without that unsightly dark line at the edge that used to be unavoidable. The laminate we carry at NW Design Center is durable, easy to clean, and looks great!

What are some advantages of laminate?

Laminate in Lakewood WASome advantages of laminate include:
  • Even top-quality laminate costs a lot less than natural stone or granite per square foot both in material and installation price.
  • It has endless possibilities. Because laminate is created and not mined, it can be formed into whatever you want it to look like. This gives an unlimited amount of designs, including ones that mimic the appearance of hardwood, natural stone, and even marble!
  • It's easy to install and repair. Although laminate doesn’t have the cut or heat resistance properties of granite or tile, repairs are simple. It’s also quick and inexpensive to install, meaning you can replace even entire countertops or floor sections with ease.

Why come to us for your laminate needs in Lakewood WA?

You may have noticed that there are many design companies around Lakewood WA, but you won’t find another that provides the same level of knowledge, helpfulness, or dedication as we do over at NW Design Center. We’re so dedicated to top-quality service that we’ll even connect you with one of our competitors if you’re looking for something we don’t offer. It’s just one of the ways we go above and beyond for the people of Lakewood WA! So whether you’re looking for new laminate, hardwood, carpet, or even custom cabinet design, be sure to call us or stop by our design center and see how we can help. 

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