Starting your DIY remodel

Where to start

You brain storming?

Need to get a head start on your next project?

Don’t have the space or materials you need to start visualizing your project?

Stop in and explore Nikki’s Doll House! A melting pot of colors, textures, shapes and sizes to help inspire your next Design!

Finding the right contractor

As an establishment we understand that it is very personal for a contractor to come and work on your home. We enjoy having a great group of contractors that we work with daily and trust to recommend to our clients. We believe that our clients should have the best experience they can get and we provide the piece of mind that the contractors we recommend are with in industry standards for their rates.

Tracking your project expenses

Retail clients are able to come in with a project on mind and get a accurate estimate on material cost. We can also help you get financing!

For our Contractor’s, once we are able to get a set budget on a project. Allows us to keep their clients from picking materials that are to expensive and helps us keep them in the right direction.

Planning ahead insures that budget is met on every project! Its never to early to get an estimate on a project so a budget can be formed.