Hardwood Flooring Lakewood WA

Thinking of adding hardwood flooring in Lakewood WA?

Hardwood Flooring in Lakewood WA

If you’re thinking of remodeling even a single room, this is a major project and one that you should research as much as possible. And unfortunately, a lot of the information out there is about the process in general, and may include details that don’t apply to you and exclude many that do. But what if you just want to put in new flooring? Surely that process can’t deviate too much, can it? Depending on the age of your home and the way it was built, replacing your floor could be simple; or it could be complicated. Let the remodelers at NW Design Center help with your hardwood in Lakewood WA. We know the process well and are happy to answer any questions you have!

Are you doing a whole house flooring upgrade or a single room? Each room of your home has different requirements and timeframes when it comes to changing out the existing floor type. Part of our process includes asking questions you might not have considered. Does your budget cover any trim or painting requirements? If it’s in your kitchen, do you have a meal plan for eating out? We have the answers to these and much more!

What are some other things to consider when adding hardwood floors?

Working with remodeling contractors in Lakewood WA with decades worth of experience, we’ve learned some of the important things to consider when changing to hardwood floors, such as:
  • Wood Flooring Lakewood WADo you plan to live in your home while the remodel is being done? You probably don’t want to do onsite finished hardwood as the process can greatly disrupt your daily life.
  • Do you know what kind of substrates you have? Are you even sure what a substrate is? We know these terms and how they apply to your flooring projects so you don’t have to become an expert!
  • How long is the process going to take? This isn’t something we can answer definitively without an in-home consultation. However, we may be able to give you a ballpark estimate depending on how much information you can give us.
  • And much more! Have any other questions? Feel free to stop by our design center and ask us whatever’s on your mind! Even if you already have a flooring type and contractor in mind, we’re more than happy to help out how we can.

Let us help you with hardwood flooring in  Lakewood WA

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