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Who should I go with for carpet in Lakewood WA?

Carpet Store in Lakewood WA

Although hardwood is catching up in popularity, most homes in the United States still use carpet as the primary floor type. This is because carpet has stood the test of time and has proven to be an effective and cushy type of flooring. And although it doesn’t have the advantage of being stain-proof like some other floor types, it’s hard to argue with the comfort it brings on cold winter mornings! If you’ve decided to go with carpet in Lakewood WA for your home, make sure to stop by NW Design Center. Our remodelers can help you pick out the perfect carpet for your project, from the texture to the color, and help connect you with a quality carpet installation team that will do the work efficiently.

How much carpet do I need for my home?

The precise amount of carpet you need depends on the shape and size of your room. The more square and uniform a room is, the easier it is for carpet to be used with minimal wastage. Plain colors also require less extra square feet than patterns, because it’s important to match up the pattern exactly when you’re using multiple pieces. You always need to order a little bit extra to make up for seams, closets, patterns, and possible mistakes during installation. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to do this upfront then try to backtrack and find your carpet later!

What are some advantages of carpet flooring?

There are strong cases to use hardwood, tile, or vinyl for flooring. Each flooring type has its advantages and disadvantages. Carpet is good for many reasons, including:
  • Carpet Installation Lakewood WA One of the most popular reasons to go with carpet is because it has a soft feel underfoot. This can be especially helpful with a home with little ones so that the young children can fall and get right back up again!
  • The installation is simple and inexpensive. For a job that needs to be done in a short time limit, carpet is the go-to flooring type! Once all the materials are ordered and arrive, it often takes a day or two to do the installation for an entire house itself if everything goes smoothly.
  • It hides dirt well. While this might seem like a negative to some people, using a high-quality vacuum combined with carpet can get rid of all this hidden dirt without much difficulty. Considering the savings you can get by choosing carpet, a top-of-the-line vacuum is worth it!

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