Cabinet Design Lakewood WA

Searching for custom cabinet design in Lakewood WA?

Cabinet Design in Lakewood WA

Your cabinets are an important part of your home design. They hold a lot of your objects and are right on the surface so you, your family, and any visitors see them constantly. There’s no good way to hide them! So if you’re unhappy with the cabinets you have—whether that be in your kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere—and can’t find that perfect style you’re looking for, maybe it’s time to get them customized! And a knowledgeable remodeler is just the person you're looking for. At NW Design Center, we offer custom cabinet design in Lakewood WA with an experienced designer that is more than happy to help you out.


What if I can’t explain what I need in a custom cabinet?

No problem! Our cabinet design specialist can come to you. Feel free to come into our storeroom and ask any questions you have, or to set up an appointment for our professional designer to come to your home for a consultation. This includes checking everything cabinet-related such as the dimensions, what material type you currently have, and how much usable space you require.  Based on these variables and more, you may have certain restrictions on what kind of cabinets you can do and where they can go, but our designer can answer all your questions.

Why should I get custom cabinets? Can’t I just paint the ones I have?

Custom Cabinets Lakewood WAWhile there are several things you can do to change the look of your cabinets such as adding a different color of paint or changing the handles, most of them don’t change the functionality, something that is at least as important.
  • With a custom-designed cabinet, we can help you maximize the amount of space that you get for your bathroom.
  • If you’ve ever wanted slide out drawers or a Lazy Susan system, we can help you a design a set of cabinets that makes use of those.
  • Have you ever wanted a dedicated space for flatware, baking pans, or even Tupperware in your kitchen? We can design special purpose cabinetry for you too!

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