Bathroom Remodel Lakewood WA

How can I get assistance with a bathroom remodel in Lakewood WA?

Bathroom Remodel Lakewood

Do you have an old toilet that’s barely squeaking by? Are you dealing with a shower with terrible water pressure, a dull design, and smudges or mildew that don’t ever seem to go away? Have you always wanted a rainfall shower, a dual-sink system, or even a bidet for your toilet? Then now might be a good time to get a bathroom remodel in Lakewood WA! If you know you want a change but don’t even know where to start, let NW Design Center help you work out the specifics. As expert remodelers, we’ll help you figure out what will work best for your house and the most efficient way to get the job done.

Do I have to tear up the floor for a bathroom remodel?

That depends on what kind of remodeling you plan to do. Simply removing a sink or changing out a faucet is a short, simple job, whereas changing your bathing section from a tub in the middle of the room to a corner shower is far more extensive. Keep in mind that for the bigger jobs, some of them require things that may seem unrelated, such as hiring someone to tear up and replace your floor or patch up your walls too.
Can I use my bathroom while it’s being remodeled? Often, your water will only need to be turned off for the specific area. For longer jobs that can take days or longer, you may or may not be able to use the bathroom. So, if you only have a single bathroom in your house and the remodeling will block off access, be sure to make arrangements! We can tell you if the job typically involves living off the property upfront so you can plan.

How can I find quality workers to do my bathroom remodeling in Lakewood WA?

Remodeling Bathroom Lakewood As part of our devotion to customer service, we’re happy to help connect you with a top-quality remodeling contractor in Lakewood WA. For larger bathroom jobs, you may also need to work with a plumber and possibly a bathroom design team too. Fortunately, we have connections all over! Once we get you in touch with these contractors, feel free to stay in contact with us and tell us if something unusual comes up such as the need to file a warranty claim. We’ll help you get through it. It’s just one of the many ways we go above and beyond for our customers! Call or contact us today to get started on the process for a bathroom remodel in Lakewood WA. 

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