NW Design Center


At NW Design Center we strive to be a welcoming place for everyone looking for design tools. From DIY remodelers to professional designers and contractors, we have the resources and expertise you need to get the results you want.


Our Leaders


Alan Reames

Alan, acquired the company 9 years ago as a franchise and after the contract was up Alan and his family decided to venture out and start NW Design Center. This decision freed them and gave them the opportunity to work on their vision of what they believed our market needed. Willing to listen and take into account his team's needs, Alan makes sure he pushes progress in their work in the best way possible.


Nicole Martin

Nicole is the Captain of the ship and the innovative mind and fuel for new and unique ways to put a vast variety of materials, textures, and colors together and create a cohesive finish that our client’s appreciate for years. She is a product specialist and is able to spec out finishes needed for any commercial and or residential project. Through years of experience she has a very knowledgeable understanding of how she can help you in the most efficient way and if she isn’t able to help she knows how to point you in the right direction.